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Beauty 2005

Beauty 2005


Conference program and presentations: 

Monday June 20  - Titles and events Speaker Exp.
9.15 Welcome Address Giancarlo Mantovani LOC ... ...
9.20 CKM overview Luca Silvestrini Th pdf ...
9.50 Hot Topics Sandro De Cecco CDF pdf ppt
10.10 Hot Topics Arthur Maciel D0 pdf ...
10.30 COFFEE
11.00 Measurement of the angle at BaBar Gabriella Sciolla BaBar pdf ppt
11.20 Phi1/beta (charmonium+penguins) Ryosuke Itoh Belle pdf ppt
11.40 Phi2/alpha Tajeo Kawasaki Belle pdf ...
12.00 Alpha Sandrine Emery BaBar pdf ...
12.30 LUNCH
14.00 Mixing and lifetime difference Cecilia Tarantino Th pdf ppt
14.30 B-Mixing (Bs, Bd) Tania Moulik D0 pdf ppt
15.00 B-Mixing (Bs, Bd) Marco Rescigno CDF pdf ppt
15.30 COFFEE
16.00 D Dalitz analysis & implications for gamma Jon Rosner CLEO pdf
16.20 Assisi Art and History
16.50 Walk Tour of Assisi
19.30 Official Conference Opening and Reception at the Town Hall
  Tuesday June 21 - Titles and events Speaker Exp.
9.00 Direct CP and rare decays Jamie Boyd BaBar pdf ppt
9.20 Direct CP and rare decays George Wei-Shu Hou Belle pdf ppt
9.40 Rare Decays Sinead Farrington CDF pdf ppt
10.00 Charmless B Simone Donati CDF pdf ...
10.30 COFFEE        
11.00 Weak phases and CP violation Michael Gronau Th pdf ...
11.30 Gamma and 2* + Max Baak BaBar pdf ppt
12.00 dGamma/Gamma Alberto Sanchez D0 pdf ...
12.30 LUNCH        
14.00 Theory of hadronic B decays Dan Pirjol Th pdf ...
14.40 Status of CMS Roberto Tenchini CMS pdf ppt
15.10 LHCb : status and exp performance Sergey Barsuk LHCb pdf ppt
15.35 COFFEE        
16.05 ATLAS performance for B-physics Cristobal Padilla ATLAS pdf ...
16.45 Super B Factories Antimo Palano BaBar pdf ppt
17.05 B_s --> J/psi phi Kirill Prokofiev CMS pdf ...
17.35 B_s/d --> mu mu Frank-Peter Schilling CMS pdf ppt
18.05 Rare B-decays Nikolai Nikitin ATLAS pdf ppt
21.00 Concert in the Basilica di S. Chiara        
  Wednesday June 22  - Titles and events Speaker Exp.
9.00 Muons in CMS Michael Bontenackels CMS ... ...
9.30 B-physics triggers Natalia Panikashvili ATLAS pdf ppt
10.00 Trigger development Frederic Teubert LHC pdf ppt
10.30 COFFEE        
11.00 The SVT Trigger at CDF Mauro dell'Orso CDF pdf ppt
11.20 The STT Trigger at D0 Sascha Caron D0 pdf ppt
11.40 High-pr. meas. of Bs param. in Bs -> J/Psi phi Roger Jones ATLAS pdf ppt
12.05 Lambda-b polarization measurements Michela Biglietti ATLAS pdf ...
12.30 LUNCH        
14.00 Excursion to Orvieto and typical dinner        
  Thursday June 23  - Titles and events Speaker Exp.
9.00 Spectroscopy and new particles Brian Petersen BaBar pdf ...
9.20 Spectroscopy and new particles Franz Mandl Belle pdf ppt
9.40 Spectroscopy : the hc and other discoveries Jon Rosner CLEO pdf ...
9.55 Semileptonic and radiative B decays Paolo Gambino Th pdf ppt
10.30 COFFEE        
10.55 Semileptonic decays Youngjoon Kwon Belle pdf ppt
11.15 Semileptonic B decays at BaBar Vladimir Golubev BaBar pdf ppt
11.35 Vub : Combined CLEOII,II.V,III (incl + excl) Marina Artuso CLEO pdf ...
11.55 D meson semileptonic decays from CLEO Marina Artuso CLEO pdf ...
12.15 Meas. of absol. Do & D+ br. ratios Hanna Mahlke CLEO pdf ...
12.35 LUNCH        
14.00 Leptonic and EM penguins Akimasa Ishikawa Belle pdf ppt
14.20 Leptonic and EM penguins Francesca Di Lodovico BaBar pdf ...
14.40 Our search for New Physics: opportunities in Flavour Physics Tobias Hurth Th pdf ...
15.10 Strategy to understand systematics Guy Wilkinson LHCb pdf ppt
15.30 COFFEE        
16.00 Track and Vertex reconstruction in CMS Susanna Cucciarelli CMS pdf ...
16.30 Recon. & anal. software environment of LHCb Patrick Koppenburg LHCb pdf ...
16.50 LHCB tracking system (Status & perf.) Matthew Needham LHCb pdf ...
17.10 The BteV RICH Detector Marina Artuso BTeV pdf ...
17.40 Status of LHCB RICH and HPD Tito Bellunato LHCb pdf ppt
18.10 Free        
19.45 Conference dinner        
  Friday June 24  - Titles and events Speaker Exp.
9.00 b-Production (b, Upsilon) Daniela Bauer D0 pdf ...
9.20 B photoproduction in ep collitions at HERA Silvia Miglioranzi ZEUS pdf ...
9.40 B production in DIS at HERA Benno List H1 pdf ...
10.00 B cross section Benedetto Giacobbe HERA-B pdf ppt
10.20 COFFEE        
10.50 Measurement of fD+ Sheldon Stone CLEO pdf ppt
11.10 Bc William Wester CDF pdf ppt
11.30 Lambda_b & Heavy States Eduard da la Cruz-Burelo D0 pdf ppt
11.50 X(3872) Ulrich Kerzel CDF pdf ppt
12.10 Bs at the Y(5S) and meas. Of incl. B & Bs rates Sheldon Stone CLEO pdf ...
12.30 LUNCH        
14.00 BTeV Trigger Erik Gottschalk BTeV pdf ppt
14.30 LCG Generator Project Paolo Bartalini LCG pdf ppt
14.50 Computing Model at LHC Lucia Silvestris LCG pdf ppt
15.15 COFFEE        
15.45 Summary talk Sheldon Stone IAC pdf ...
17.00 The End        

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