Technological Research

Coordinator: Mauro Menichelli
Room: terzo piano
Phone: 075/585 2764

CSN5 Technological Research Committee Website

Scientific activities of the Perugia Technological research group:

The group 5 activities in Perugia involve a total of 27 researchers with 7.3 FTEs and 4 technologists with an additional 0.6 FTE (data 2019). The field of activity is quite extensive: from the development of detectors for high energy physics and medical dosimetry, to some interdisciplinary topics in the medical field, from the development of electronics and MEMS to the computing in general and its application to simulations. These activities are carried out in the context of 9 experiments including 2 Call; 2 of these activities have the national responsible on site. The relevance of this research is remarkable in the field of the high energy physics that constitutes the primary mission of INFN, but it is extremely important also in interdisciplinary applications related to medical diagnostics and to computing in general.