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Dott. Bruno Checcucci
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Local Technological Transfer

Research areas

Nuclear and subnuclear physics

Physics of particles, astroparticles and fundamental interactions

Physics of materials and processes

Technological developments in interdisciplinary areas including: mechanics, electronics, information technology, medicine and field of sensors.



The skills that characterize the INFN Section of Perugia are attributable to the fields of electronics, microelectronics, information technology, materials science, mechanics and precision mechanics. We provide some examples of activities that can be carried out at the NFN of Perugia:

  • typical assembly and interconnection of electronic devices (eg wire-bonding, precision assembly, dispensing of high-control fluids);
  • design and development of electronic systems (including FPGA) and PCBs, on various substrates (various organic materials, ceramics and thermoplastic materials: kapton-upilex);
  • technological support for the development of prototype electronic devices;
  • electrical tests of reliability and acceptance according to the main military and civil standards; – electrical measurements on semiconductor devices;
  • 3D precision measurements with 2 micron resolution for mechanical and electronic parts; – consulting and development study of low friction mechanical systems;
  • consulting and development study of materials used in the renewable energy sector (photovoltaic, thermo-solar);
  • consulting, development study of devices and technological solutions in the field of human health (dosimetry, systems for high resolution electrography, simulation models, optimization of graphic solvers for visualizing images);
  • consulting and study of development of IT networks solutions, also with the paradigms approach such as: computational grids and cloud networks;
  • consulting and study of development of IT networks solutions through optimization and integration of all connectivity techniques according to protocols: xDSLx, PLC (data transfer on power line), MPLS, wireless networks;
  • consulting and development of solutions for computer networks for domotic applications (Smart Grid, smart metering);
  • consultancy services for design and testing aimed at the mechanical and thermal qualification for various industrial applications.

Laboratory Tools

The above mentioned skills are made available through collaborations, of which the INFN currently avails itself, with the laboratories of the University of Perugia, which are briefly described below.

The clean room in class 10.000 / 100 (class = number of particles of mass greater than 5 microns per cubic foot of air) responds to a work environment with precise thermo-hygrometric, electrostatic and filtering and fluxing of air masses. This laboratory allows the manipulation of particular electronic and microelectronic objects, which are very sensitive to variations in the aforementioned characteristics. The clean room provides a temperature control of +/- 1 C and +/- 5% on relative humidity. The laboratory is equipped with an internal nitrogen fluxing circuit. Each workstation provides high vacuum areas and to control the phenomena of antistaticity.

Inside the laboratory there are several machines for the electrical characterization of semiconductor devices, for the testing of electronic and mechanical systems (3D and high precision measurements) and for the management in the assembly and interconnection procedures of microelectronic devices (for alignment, gluing, wire-bonding and for optical inspection).


  • Electronic and electromechanical sector
  • ICT sector
  • Biomedical sector
  • Renewable energy sector
  • Auto motive sector
  • Avionics sector
  • Aerospace sector
  • Naval sector


The services offered can be those of providing consultancy and assistance for the design and testing of companies operating in the sectors mentioned above.


Name: Dott. Bruno Checcucci


ph. +39 075 585 2741

Segretery INFN Sez. di Perugia: Ilaria Binaglia


ph.: +39 075 585 2750 / fax: +39 075 584 7296

National Technological Transfer

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