Contributions to the meeting will be either talks or posters. Approximately half of the time will be devoted to invited reviews of important topics.
Additional contributions will be included on a time-available basis. The average allocated time for presentations is expected to be 20 minutes. The final program will be defined by the Organizers with the help of the International Advisory Committee. The Organizers will notify in due time the authors of the acceptance or rejection of their contributions. Scientists interested in contributing to the scientific program are invited to fill in the proper section in the registration form. Contributors to the Conference
are requested to submit by e-mail a brief abstract of 120 words or 15 lines maximum length, preferably in LaTeX format, not later than February 15th, 2006. Contributors are expected to provide, upon arrival, an electronic version of their presentation for preliminary distribution at the Conference.
As for the previous two conferences, the proceedings of Space Part '06 will be published on Nuclear Physics B. The format will be indicated in the next bulletin.