Space Part 2006 Procedings

Space Part 2006 Procedings will be Published on Nuclear Physics B (Proceedings supplement).

The (maximum) number of pages depends on the lenght of your talk following this scheme:
30' talk: 8 pages
25' talk: 6 pages
20' talk: 5 pages
15' talk: 5 pages
posters: 3 pages


The manuscript should by typed with the LaTex system, and using the Elsevier class file that you find at the following links: .pdf   .tar.gz   .zip

Your original, final, file, should be e-mailed as an attachment not later than 10 July 2006 to the Guest Editor at the address below:


You must send:
the latex source (filename example: zuccon.tex)
the figures (filename example: zuccon_fig1.eps)
the pdf version (filename example: zuccon.pdf)

For your figures use the PostScript (eps) format or the pdf format. For the pictures use the JPEG or the PNG format.

The use of colour images is strongly disfavoured, Elsevier policy is:
635.00 Euro for the first colour page, 318.00 Euro per colour page thereafter. These costs will be charged to the author(s) of the contribution in which the colour pages will appear. However the author(s) of a contribution containing one or more colour pages will jointly receive 100 complimentary offprints of that contribution.

Each author will recieve directly from Elsevier 25 offprint copies of its contribution.

All queries relating to the scientific content, submission date and/or page limit should be referred to the Guest Editor at the above address.

The copyright transfer and offprint order forms will be sent by e-mail after Elsevier has received the complete proceedings package from the Guest Editors.

Please return these forms promptly.

The guest editors,

Li Wei Roberto Battiston Paolo Zuccon.