Book reference:

"XXVIII PHYSICS IN COLLISIONS, Proceedings of the International Symposium held in Perugia, Italy, June 25-28, 2008", 
Edited by S. Ciprini, G. Mantovani and G. Anzivino, 
FORUM, Editrice Universitaria Udinese, Udine, 2009, ISBN 978-88-8420-560-5, (SLAC econf/C080625),

Link to the SLAC econf/C080625 online book and proceedings.


Example of reference to a proceedings contribution in this book:

F. Déliot, 2009, in Proceed. of the XXVIII Physics in Collision, held in Perugia, Italy (PIC08), edited by S. Ciprini, G. Mantovani and G. Anzivino, Forum Editions, Udine, ISBN 978-88-8420-560-5, (SLAC econf/C080625), p. 2



OLD: Instructions for authors

The proceedings of the Conference will be published at the SLAC eConf system, and will also be printed in a small paperback book for participants.

Paper submission deadline
Mon. 13 October 2008


Page number for contributions

The maximum number of pages for contributions, should not exceed:  
4 pages for a poster
6 pages for a poster-talk (15')
10 pages for an invited talk of 30'
12 pages for an invited talk of 45'



Download the following two files:
  1) the article LaTeX-Template
  2) the LaTeX macropackage.
Contributing authors have to add their text and figures to this article template and using this macro.  The use of personal macros and style files has to be avoided, since those will inevitably conflict.
Authors are invited to add items that should appear in the subject index of the final volume (the method for doing this is explained near the top of the article template).
Moreover authors can submit their papers as preprints to the eprint arXiv, before sending to us (also to check that the submitted version is a correct LaTeX file). This will shorten the managing and processing time of the final volume.

Example of final contribution and book shape

You can find an example of published Slac e-conf proceedings with the same latex template here.

Send your proceedings contribution

You can send us your contribution simply by e-mail (please use in the subject field of the email the "PIC2008-contribution" title) with an attachment containing all
the LaTeX text, figures and only the other necessary source files, to BOTH the following addresses:

We will recompile the contributions. If you find difficult or not possible to send the attachment with a single e-mail because of file size problems, you can try more subsequent e-mails with part of your files, or better put your files in a public web-page or public-ftp
area where we can download them (in this case please let us know by e-mail the web address of the page/area).

For any questions please contact us using the two e-mail addresses cited above.

Stefano Ciprini
Giuseppina Anzivino
Attilio Santocchia  
Giancarlo Mantovani (Chairman of the conference)